About us

Established in 1993, starting from two employees and a turnover of 300 RON, SCR Group (ROMANIAN COMMERCIAL SERVICES) has grown systematically, achieving now, in its 23nd year of existence, a turnover of 285 million EUR, coresponding to a number of 17 companies and over 2.400 employees.

Presedintele SCR, Stefan Vuza, la UZUCThe management philosophy within S.C.R. Group lies in mobilizing all resources and a proactive attitude towards the economic environment changes and not only; seizing opportunities and exploiting the constraints of the economic environment which prompt to action. Each member has its well defined role within the team in order to achieve a common goal. Developing and coordinating integrating plans, profitable use of resources in order to reach set goals are the main guidelines of S.C.R. Group management philosophy.

Short History of S.C.R. Group

– 1993 –
* Our company, S.C SERVICIILE COMERCIALE ROMANE S.R.L. (ROMANIAN COMMERCIAL SERVICES, S.C.R.) was born on 03.17.1993 , having its headquarters in Piatra Neamt, Dacia Boulevard, nr. 17/26 with 5 associates (Vuza Stefan with 45% of shares, Popa Ioan with 25% shares, Orcheanu Lidia with 20%, Vuza Eduard with 5% and Strajeru Constantin with 5% of shares). The company had a registered capital of 100.000 lei, and its main domain of activity was commerce. From this domain, in september 1993, the company’s turnover was surpassing the first million lei.

Cabana Dochia

– 1994 –
* In March, the first ‘Non Stop’ grocery shop was opened in Buhusi;
* On the 17th of may 1994 EUROHOUSE COM S.R.L. was formed;
* In August, a partener contract was signed with S.C. DURAU S.A. for Dochia Challet;
* On the 17th of october the regitered capital is increased from 100.000 to 800.000 lei;
* On the 9th of december the juridical status of the company is changed, EUROHOUSE COM now becomes SERVICIILE COMERCIALE SOMANE S.A , and registered capital is raised again to 10.000.000 lei;
* At the end of the year, the first commercial center ‘FAVORIT ROMAN’ is opened having 35 stands of wood and glass.

– 1995 –
* In March S.C. EUROHOUSE S.R.L opens a new branch in Iasi with 3 new commercial centers: Commercial Centre “Favorit”, Garii district; Commercial Centre “Globus”, Alexandru cel Bun district and Commercial Centre “Galata”, Galata district;
* S.C. EUROHOUSE S.R.L keeps its target for opening new commercial centers in the country, and 2 more centers are opened: Commercial Centre “Esplanada” Pascani in october and Commercial Centre Comercial “Euromarket” Roman in november;
* In August, SERVICIILE COMERCIALE ROMANE S.A. signes 2 of the most important rental contracts for the future of the company Commercial Centre “Paltinis”, 1.700 sq. meters in a 2 story building in Tg. Jiu Commercial Centre “Zimbru”, another commercial space of 2800 square meteres in Suceava , in a hall that used to be a textile mill, very close to the city center.

Centrul Comercial paltinis Tg Jiu

– 1996 –
* In March S.C. EUROHOUSE S.R.L. openes a branch in Cluj and rents another space from S.C. Napocom S.A. for another commercial center;
* In April – at a 3 year celebration – Commercial Center “Zimbru” in Suceava is inaugurated, and a concert with “COMPACT” and “TIMPURI NOI” is sponsored;
* In June S.C. EUROHOUSE S.R.L. openes Commercial Center “EUROMARKET” Sibiu. After a few months, another contract is signed for new commercial center with Grosaliment S.A. Targu Mures;
* In October, a contract is signed with S.C. Metex S.A. Dej , renting the space for commercial center “BIG” Dej;

Centrul Comercial Big Dej * Despite the fact that in december 1996 the contract concerning Dochia Challet was cancelled, the involvement in tourism is took to a greater scale. The Group sponsores the Romanian Foundation of Sportive Turism (F.R.T.S), the most important touristic movement of its kind, supporting all 7 stages of the national club championship, and many other ecological-cultural activities. Another succesfull act was the “North-East Rally” – a pilot expedition of 20 days covering 4 mountains with 24 members of the 21 clubs in the country;

CN FRTS 2001

– 1997 –
* In January EUROHOUSE S.R.L. openes commercial center “Transilvania” Cluj-Napoca. In march, commercial center “Transilvania” Targu Mures is inaugurated;
* In July a turnover of 1 milliard lei is reached. On the third of november a new registered capital increase is made from 10.000.000 to 300.000.000 lei.

– 1998 –
* In “Euromarket” Roman And “Esplanada” Pascani Commercial Centres it is now possible to trade stock through SVM Capital Invest.
* On the 7th of april the “Agency for Investments Services and Business”, in short AISA is born, company that administrates the group;
* In July the Group reaches the peak regarding administration of commercial centres, at 1500 partner companies in 12 commercial centres across the country;
* In October SERVICIILE COMERCIALE ROMANE S.A. celebrates 5 years of existence at Slanic Moldova and all Branch directors are here.

Craciun SCR 5 ani

– 1999 –
* In January SERVICIILE COMERCIALE ROMANE S.A. buys 51% of S.C CRINUL S.A Alexandria (project later abandoned) and in february 70% of MOBALEX Alexandria (sold in december 1999);
* In March the registered capital is increased to lei, the board becomes the following: Vuza Stefan with 95%, Popa Ioan with 2,5%, Mungiu Romeo with 2%, Popa Elena with 0,3%, Vuza Eduard and Strajeru Constantin with 0,1% of total stock;
* On the 16th of april 1999 an important acquisition takes place for CONTACTOARE S.A. Buzau, 51% from a capital of 15.617.700.000 lei. The Group reaches the first thousand employees. On 19th of may 4856 shares of Stipo S.A. Dorohoi are bought;
* The group is preparing for the auction of SINTEROM S.A. Cluj Napoca. On 14th of december SINTEROM S.A. Cluj Napoca is bought (50,96% of shares).

Sinterom Cj

– 2000 –
* On the 25 of august S.C.R. increases the registered capital of CONTACTOARE S.A. with 5.907.500.000 lei;

Contactoare SA* In September 2000 S.C.R. increases the registered capital of SINTEROM S.A with 9.810.850.000 lei, the Group contributing with lei;
* The auction for Tehnofrig S.A. Cluj Napoca was won by A1 Impex S.R.L, followed by a contract which sold the rights and obligations to a partner company;

– 2001 –
* In April the registered capital of SINTEROM S.A. is increased with 40 milliard lei , of which , the Group contributed with 21.5 milliard lei. 8 In september, S.C.R. Group buys through public offer the remaining stock unsuscribed from april with 4.2 miliard lei;
* In the same time SERVICIILE COMERCIALE ROMANE S.A. has another capital increase to 15,2 miliard lei, with the joining of A1 Impex S.R.L., and the shareholders are the following: Vuza Stefan with 94,2105% of total shares, S.C. A1 Impex S.R.L. with 4,6052% of total shares, Popa Ioan with 1,0065% of total shares, Popa Elena with 0,1244% of total shares, Vuza Eduard with 0,0415% of total shares and Strajeru Constantin – 0,0119% of total shares.

– 2002 –
* On the 11th of February 2002 Group SCR, through A1 Impex S.R.L, buys 73,453% of S.C. UZUC S.A. Ploiesti;

Uzuc SA* In March, the net profit of CONTACTOARE S.A., 15,2 miliard lei is distributed to development funds, the 10,7 miliard lei (the Group’s cut) is regarded as an investment. This was S.C.R. finalized the contract signed with The Authority for State Assets Recovery (AVAS), concerning the 1.317.500 USD which the group was supposed to invest and all other terms imposed in the contract. With this increase S.C.R. Group holds 72,3659% of CONTACTOARE S.A. Buzau;
* On the 10th of June 2002 S.C. A2 Impex S.R.L. Ploiesti is formed. The company is preparing to join the auctions for COMAT S.A. Neamt and IASITEX S.A. Iasi. In 2002, the Group’s turnover reaches 1000 milliard lei.

– 2003 –
* S.C.R. Group finalizes the investment plan for SINTEROM S.A. Cluj Napoca, scoring another success after CONTACTOARE S.A., in which it holds now 59,49% of shares;
* On the 9th of May 2003 S.C. IASITEX S.A. Iasi is bought and becomes a member;

Iasitex SA* On the 9th of June 2004 the greatest acquisition of the Group history is made (94,85% of S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX S.A. Borzesti);

Chimcomplex SA* At 28 of June 2003 S.C.R. Group celebrates 10 years at Piatra Neamt.

– 2004 –
* On 30th of June 2004 S.C. CAROMET S.A. Caransebes, is bought;

Caromet SA* In July, the actives from S.C. NOVATEX S.A. Pitesti are bought and a new company is formed – S.C. NOVA TEXTILE BUMBAC S.R.L. Pitesti;

Nova Textile Bumbac SA* On the 19th of July 2004 the majority of shares from S.C. SOMES S.A. Dej, the largest celulose and paper producer in Romania, are bought;
* During the International Forum of Investments, organized in 14-16 October 2004, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (Bucharest), S.C.R. Group receives the “Romanian Investor of 2003” award.

– 2005 –
*At the International Investment Forum organized by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest, October 2005, S.C.R. Group was awarded the trophy of the “Romanian Investor of 2004”;

Investitorul Anului 2005 - CCIR* Moreover, at the “National Top of Companies” organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania, Mr. Stefan Vuza, President of S.C.R. Group, was the winner of the “Business Excellency Award”;
* 2005 is also the year when the technological modernization works at the electrolythic installation and inorganic chlorides installation were finished. The investment rose to 5 million Euro .

– 2006 –
* At the end of the 1st semester, S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX SA. Borzesti registers a net profit of 2,75 million Euro, 4 times higher than the profit registered in the same period, the previous year;
* At the “National Top of Private Companies in Romania” organized by the National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR), S.C.R. Group was awarded the trophy for “High Performances in Accordance with EU Standards”.

– 2007 –
* S.C.R. Group is awarded, once again, the trophy for “High Performance in the Industrial Field”;
* S.C. IASITEX S.A. Iasi registers a net profit of 46 million lei, 17.2 times higher than the profit in 2006. The company has a turnover of 84,3 million lei.

– 2008 –
* In March, S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX SA. Borzesti increases its social capital with 23%, to 129 million lei. S.C. CAROMET S.A. Caransebes also increases its capital to 31,45 million lei;
* In May, S.C.R. Group has its 15th Anniversary Celebration in Cluj-Napoca;

Aniversare Grup SCR - 15 ani* S.C. UZUC S.A. Ploiesti registers, at the end of the year, a net profit of 7,4 million lei, 82% higher than the profit in the previous year.

– 2009 –
* S.C.R. Group purchases 1.738.782 shares (representing 99,5556%) of the social capital of S.C. INAV S.A. Bucharest, a research and development institute in the field of natural sciences and engineering, having as main activity the research in the aero-spatial field;

Inav SA* S.C. UZUC S.A. Ploiesti defies the economic crisis, increasing its profit in the 1st semester; the profit is 91% higher than in the previous year.

– 2010 –
* In March, S.C. SOMES S.A. Dej and S.C. UZUC S.A. Ploiesti sign with the Ministry of Economy several financing contracts from European funds. Investments will be directed as it follows :
– 17,5 million lei to S.C. SOMES S.A. Dej for purchasing equipments and technologies for the launching of a new product: silk paper
– 2 million lei to S.C. UZUC. S.A. Ploiesti for technological modernization.
* Despite the economic crisis, CHIMCOMPLEX S.A. reports in May significat growth of the main performane indicators. Both, the production and the turnover registered a growth of 110%, respectively 120% , compared to the same period in 2009.
* Sinterom’s turnover increased by 18% in the 1st semester, compared to the same period in 2009. The company registered a net profit of 460.945 lei, compared to 114.248 lei in January-June last year.
* The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) awarded in December the prize for: “Best investment, with the greatest energy saving” to CHIMCOMPLEX S.A., for its investment in the co-generation plant of electric energy and thermal energy.
* S.C IASITEX S.A. Iasi celebrated its 100th anniversary in December.

– 2011 –
* SCR Group celebrated its 18th anniversary in February, in Cluj-Napoca, being, at the same time, the main sponsor of one of the most outstanding cultural events in Romania, “The Opera Ball”.
* In August, SC SINTEROM SA reported a turnover of almost 10 million lei in the 1st semester of the year, which is approximately 786.000 lei higher than the one registered in the 1st half of 2010.
* The profit of SC CHIMCOMPLEX SA Borzesti increased 2,2 times during the 1st nine months of the year, from 3,3 million lei to 7,5 million lei; the company’s business increased 13% compared to the same period last year, from 119,2 million lei to 134,8 million lei.

– 2012 –
* The profit of SC CHIMCOMPLEX SA Borzesti increased 11,7 times during the 1st nine months of the year, from 7,5 million lei to 8,4 million lei; the company’s business increased 5% compared to the same period last year, from 134,8 million lei to 142,3 million lei.
* In September SCR Group participated through two of its companies, S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX S.A. and S.C. AISA INVEST S.A. to the privatization process of chemical producer OLTCHIM . The privatization procedure was cancelled when the winner of the tender for the shareholding , Dan Diaconescu, could not prove he had the money to pay the shares.

– 2013 –
* A 6 Impex SRL announced in February investments of 20 million Euro in a power station that will annually produce approx.67.000 Mwh. The power station will be operational since May this year.

– 2014 –
* Chimcomplex celebrates 60 years of existence, announcing an ambitious program for the next period of investment. Thus, the company aims to increase production capacity at facilities hydrochloric acid , ferric chloride , calcium chloride and chloride of lime and to build a new production facility polyvinyl aluminum. Other investments are planned in the following period : Cogeneration II (a new plant that will provide energy efficiency improvements); salt crystallized by desulphation brine; sodium silicate; and special solvents calcium carbonate

– 2015 –
* Chimcomplex Borzesti has commissioned a cogeneration plant at its chloralkali production site, located near Bacau, in Romania. Chimcomplex made another energy investment in a 7.5 MWe cogeneration plant in 2009 and the firm claims to have reduced its energy costs by 42% following the two investments. The €14.35 million project was co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund.