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Uzuc SA Ploiesti

Founded in 1904, the company became a member of SCR Group in 2002, being one of the main Romanian suppliers of under-pressure equipments for the chemical and petrochemical industry, refinery, classic and nuclear energetic installations. After the privatization of the company, drastic measures were taken to reduce costs and to reorganize the company in order […]

Iasitex SA Iasi

SC IASITEX SA Iasi is one of the most important companies in the Romanian textile industry, becoming the biggest textile distributor for IKEA. SC IASITEX SA is specialized in the production and marketing of yarns, fabrics and ready-made clothes. The products are pure cotton or different mixtures of and synthetic fibres and can be used […]

A6 Impex SA Dej

The main activity object of the company is the production and the commercialization of the electrical energy. In this moment the company is developing an investment which consist in the erection and start-up of a boiler operating on biomas (wood waste) and of a condensing steam turbine, which finally will produce electrical energy which will […]

Sinterom SA Cluj-Napoca

Established in 1936, SC SC SINTEROM SA Cluj-Napoca became member of Romanian Commercial Services (SCR Group) in 2000. The company’s product range is extremely varied including spark plugs, sintered parts, sintered ceramic parts, tungsten and molybdenum wires, cast metal magnets, most of the products being destinated to the national automobile industry. The company’s privatization allowed […]

Caromet SA Caransebes

Established in 1969, SC CAROMET SA produces and delivers a large range of products carried out according to the international standards: metal confections for industrial constructions, metal confections for boilers with solid fuel, welded assemblies, hydro mechanical equipments, energetic equipment for thermal power stations, railway bridges (decks), locomotive bogies and rolling stock spare parts; wagons, […]

Contactoare SA Buzau

Established in 1975, SC CONTACTOARE SA Buzau became member of S.C.R. Group in 1999. The company has been developing the products rance every year, throught products assimilation such as: twilight mercury or sodium vapuors lamps, equipement for National Society ELECTRICA S.A. involved in energy distribution, indoor lightning fixtures, various electric equipment and consumer goods. The […]

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