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Inav SA Bucuresti

Established in 1954, SC INAV SA is a research and development institute in the field of natural science and engineering. Our main line of research is airplanes construction with capabilities in structures calculus and design, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, stability, equipments, design of onboard and land systems and subsystems and fundamental aerospace research. Among the research […]

Nova Textile Bumbac SA Pitesti

SC NOVA TEXTILE BUMBAC SRL Pitesti is integrated from production perspective, having in its composition a spinning mill, a weaving mill, a dyeing mill and a garment mill. Nova Textile has high technical equipment that allows to produce many kinds of fabrics with various technical characteristics, purpose and destinations. The company offers a line of […]

AIsa Invest SA Cluj-Napoca

SC AISA INVEST S.A. (Agency for Investments, Services and Business) was founded on the 7th of April 1998 with its main domain of acivity: commercial and management servicies. The management strategy of our team from SC AISA INVEST SA, company which administrates SCR Group, aims first of all at armonising the external environment conditions (economic, […]

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