Caromet SA Caransebes

Established in 1969, SC CAROMET SA produces and delivers a large range of products carried out according to the international standards: metal confections for industrial constructions, metal confections for boilers with solid fuel, welded assemblies, hydro mechanical equipments, energetic equipment for thermal power stations, railway bridges (decks), locomotive bogies and rolling stock spare parts; wagons, tramway and subway bogies, bogie frames and wheel sets for locomotives

The company has an automatic CNC drilling equipment for steel profiles and pieces up to 15 m, respectively a modern metal spraying equipment of the metallic surfaces.


CarGeneral Manager – Eng. Marius Oprea
Caransebes, DN 68, Km 32
Phone: 0040.255.516.307
Fax: 0040.255.516.307